Sunday, January 18, 2009

Project Kyrie Partners Radion International

Dear frens,

Thank you for everyone's generous contribution towards securing the freight of this 40ft container of hope and love to people who have been almost been forgotten.

This 40ft container will be filled with food staples and clothing for the street kids, hmong refugees and mountain tribes in Phetchabun; Thailand.

Most of us are too busy with our daily work and families to be on the ground to take care and give opportunities to the poor. Thus when friends who are willing to offer their lives to people who will otherwise be forgotten, our support from where we are, is indispensable.

It is only when we stand together as a community of friends with the same vision to assist our unprivileged brothers and sisters that we will make a difference so large that it cannot be ignored.

Goodness will only beget Goodness, Kindness will always beget Kindness. The ripples of blessings we consistently send out, I believe will cumulate into waves of blessings to all, through which the greatness of God's love and mercy will be seen in full Glory.

Special thanks Aloysius Wong, Dinesh, Mark Thong, Judy Flemming,Ng Chay Hua, Christopher Wong for responding so quickly and generously to funding this container to the poor in Thailand.

The total cost of shipment is estimated at $3,000. We have now secured the cost for the leg of shipment from Singapore to BKK. Pls email or contact me if you feel called to support this shipment as I am still consoldating the funds.

Many friends are also ready to contribute clothes and food to be put into the container on the word GO!

Below are the details of this shipment:

A) Items needed:

1 ) Dry/Canned food items (Staples or meat items with at least 3 months towards expiry date)

2 ) Used clothes, blankets, jackets (Washed and in good condition)

3 ) Hygiene Items (Toothbrush, toothpaste, soap)

4 ) Medical/Pharmaceutical items (first aid kits/gloves/masks/bandages)

5 ) New Stationary/Educational Materials (Drawing blocks, coloring books, coloring pencils/crayons)

6 ) Electronics/Technology Items (Solar Panels, Water filtration systems, torch lights, batteries)

7 ) Foam sleeping mattresses

8 ) Baby clothes/Nursery Items (Feeding bottles, etc etc)

B) Guidelines

  • Pls pack into generic boxes or bags to minimise sorting and label it!

  • Pls ensure items donated are in good condition as the container is very costly.

  • Where possible indicate you are from Project Kyrie

  • If you are intending to buy alot of dry food it would be more prudent to give cash so that the goods can be bought cheaper from Thailand. Receipts and acknowledgements will be given by Radion Intenational if handed through Project Kyrie

  • Most importantly, we need connections with distributors or manufacturers who can give food staples, children's items and clothings for free.

  • Please note that we will NOT BE COLLECTING TOYS, as thisis a humanitarian relief shipment for only necessities.

  • Note some of the items which are not relevant for shipment may be sold off to raise funds for food and other necessary items to be purchased in Thailand for the poor.

C) Time lines and drop off location

  • Shipment is targeted to leave in 3rd week of Feb 09

  • 6-7 Feb(Sat & Sun), 0900-1800 Collection Drive @ 1 Centralised Location ( Location TBC)

Thank you and God Bless Everyone!


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