Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Let's together feed the Children - Christmas Project 2019

Dear Frens,

Early Christmas greetings to everyone!

In preparation to usher in this year's Christmas, we have chosen to support provision of a year's supply of food for the 177 boys in the Nazareth Home@Anisakan, Myanmar run by Salesian priests.

The Salesian Fathers have come to us for help as they are running out of funds by December 2019 this year, to feed the 177 boys that they are taking care of physically, spiritually and mentally with the great love that Jesus has impressed upon them.

The boys are staying at the Nazareth Home are all very poor and many are youths from troubled areas in Myanmar. 

I believe, we cannot do better with the money that God has given us then to help these boys grow up into good men. Salesian priests at the Nazareth Home are doing their best to feed, shelter and educate these boys who have no good or proper homes. 

Salesian Fathers, not only provide and support the boys in education, they also teach these young boys to be morally good & upright men with strong Christians values. Several of the students have also since become Salesian priests and is serving to build God's kingdom here on earth.

As Christmas approaches, we Singaporeans will undoubtedly have more to eat, to drink and to celebrate. 

If anyone is able to join me to bless these growing boys with food and if possible to eat more then just mainly plain rice and beans, one egg a week, it would be great.

I, for one am not able to eat plain rice and beans every day and almost every meal and look as happy the kids look. No wonder Luke says "Blessed are you who are poor, for yours is the kingdom of God.

All I can hope for us all is when we share a bit of what we have we will look as joyful as them everyday of our lives :)

Our Target is for the children to have rice, veggies, beans as per usual and we would like to provide an egg a day instead once a week and some meat or fish once or twice a week. Proteins for growing children is important right?

Beans are undoubtedly a good source of protein but if we can all chip in, we might be able to help them to eat a bit above the subsistence level of food that they are living on now.

To do this it would cost usd$0.56 cents ( approx sgd $0.77 )for 3 meals per child, up from the current poor condition of usd $0.40 cents(approx sgd $0.55 ) per child per day for 3 meals.

Less that $1 a day is an unbelievably low amount for 3 meals but it amounts to an unbelievably large amount if you multiply it for the 10 months of food needed to help the Nazareth Home scrape through their food needs from December 2019 to end of the next school year in Mar 2021.

The total amount needed to fund 10 months of food is USD$29,727 or SGD$40,788

Can we together do this? Share what we have to help children we do not know and may never meet?

I really hope so! Salesian Fathers trusts in God's providence and I put my trust in the kindness that God has put into our hearts. 

So shall we all help provide and share our plate of food this Christmas with these children who have nothing?

Pls contact me if you wish to join me and contribute to this project and make it happen. 

May everyone have a wonderful Christmas and a faith filled year again!

God Bless,

* 'Beauty grows in you to the extent that love grows, because charity itself is the soul's beauty' - St Augustine

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Project Kyrie : Lenten Project 2019

Dear Friends of Project Kyrie,

Just as Lent 2019 started this year, our Lord led us to know of the poor at the Fatima Palliative Care Centre (FPCC) in Thumba, Kerala, run by our beloved Canossian Sisters.

As you know, we being very busy and distracted Singaporeans, not all of us can or will ever be able to work with the very poor at where they are. Some are at home, most are beyond the shores of Singapore and many live in slums and tents that we ourselves can never imagine living there, even for just one day.

As always I am so very thankful for the graces, mercies and blessings given to me by our Lord Jesus that I feel very compelled to reach out for the many who do not have a voice of their own.

We did a post on facebook for like minded friends of Project Kyrie to join us to supply a year or more of medicines for the destitute, helped and being cared for at the FPCC. Last year's medicine bills totalled about S$10,000 and we are happy to announce that the poor and sick at FPCC will be able to get a year's of medication free from us.

It is with my deepest thanks that I write this note to all who sponsored, prayed or shared this cause with their own network of friends.

Special thanks goes to Alice, Ai Ling, Suzanne and anonymous angels with hearts of gold, sharing generously with the poor and in this case the dying.

We pray that these medicine that is offered to the poor free, will give them some hope, love and comfort in their suffering.

With great anticipation we await the coming of Easter, as we the risen people will always stand in solidarity with Christ for the poor whom he loves so much.

As always all Glory belongs to Jesus! \0/\0/\0/

Yours in Christ,

Monday, October 29, 2018

14/Oct/18 - 27/Oct/18
Salesians Educational Project Singapore
by Project Kyrie

We, Project Kyrie, thank everyone for making time from their busy schedules to help teach, share and take care of Sisters Bernadette, Gioretti, Justina and Monica from Myanmar and Cambodia during their 2 weeks all rounded Education Programme in Singapore.

The love that has been shared with the sisters is obviously abundant as seen clearly on the faces of excited and glowing faces of sisters, who in turn can’t wait to share what they have learnt to other sisters, teachers and students in their 4 communities.

These 4 sisters will be our ambassadors to teach and ensure that disadvantaged children get the best education possible in their schools.

Special Thanks:

To Friends of Project Kyrie
for reaching out to us to offer their services, their funds, for using their network for greater good in building God’s Kingdom and to all who participated with a willing heart to make things happen for the good of others.

To Teachers for sharing their comprehensive lifetime of knowledge to the sisters every morning for 4 hrs for 2 weeks.

To educational centres
for opening up their pre-schools and sharing their best practices and teaching methodology to build up the sisters.

To artists who share their God-gifted talents.

To individuals and host family who opened up their homes and families to welcome the sisters.

To sight-seeing team for after-classes activities. Education is also out of the classrooms. What fun!

To welfare team for ensuring sister’s health and welfare is in good order whilst they are here.

Last but not least, to all donors who contributed to support all the expenses and to Holy Spirit church for use of their fantastic classroom.

Special Acknowledgements :

English Teachers - Adeline Chang, Tan Pee Hui, Lee Wan Yen and Teresa Chia

Art Teachers - Lee Kowling , Rosalind Tan

Afternoon Programmes:
Rachael Goh & staff @ Redschool House,
Julie Ong & staff @ P&J Montesorri Kindergarten, Brenda Sng & staff @ Cherrybrook Preschool,
Loy Wee Mee & staff @ Da Little Preschool by the Park
Grace Yap @ Graces Speech & Drama Studio

Transport Team - Moira Chan, Louise Oh, Cecilia Lim, Clare Heng, Wendy Cheong, Janice Say, Maureen Chan, Helena & Daniel, Augustina See, Wee Leong How, Chiam Kwee Mui & Meredith Tan

Friends of Project Kyrie for their Network - Lena Tan, Josephine Tan, Anna Lo

Classroom @ Holy Spirit
- Fr Richards Ambrose

Host family - Rachael Goh & Alistair Ding

Donors - Tan Pee Hui, Wendy Cheong, Lleander Jung, Teresa Chia, Kevin Chew and an anonymous angel!

Our willingness to say ‘Yes’ to Jesus has made this Salesians Education Project Singapore immensely successful. Thank you for the concerted effort put out by everyone involved in ways big and small for making this education project possible!

God Bless,
Millicent Tan
Project Kyrie
Salesians Educational Project Singapore
Organiser and Co-Ordinator

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Building toilets for children in Yangon, Myanmar!


We wish to thank Suzanna Kang & family for their generosity in providing toilets for the children at Hlaing Thar Yar.

We believe a heart to share, a heart of mission is the 1st most important element in desiring to build the kingdom of God and not let any of our brothers and sisters be left behind.

Most people say they don't have time to be on site to help the poor. With today's technological advances we need not be there to build the toilets brick by brick.

Emails, WhatsApp, Facetime,Video etc all make it possible for us to be there when we are needed.

We can do a lot once we identify a trustworthy partner on the ground to work with to make things happen for the good and to enrich of lives of those who have little.

Here is sharing with you how we do it without need of a 100 volunteers.

  1. 1st we identify the needs
  2. Then we get a costing
  3. Plans can be drawn up to specifications we need eg tap in every cubicle to ensure easy washing
  4. We identify the site at the Salesian School @ Hlaing Thar Yar
  5. Invite donors to assist
  6. Share ideas and shop online with trusted partners on the ground

  7.  Building starts and Mission accomplished! Happy Kids with toilets to use. Simple facilities like toilets which we often take for granted in Singapore.

Let's all think of ways to help others who may need our effort from where we are.

We thank God, Sr Thuzar and Susanna and a wonderful priest again for making this possible!

Yours In Christ


Thursday, December 14, 2017

X'mas Project 2017 Accomplished!

Dearest Frens,

Thank you for all your kind contributions and support for the very poor in India.

We managed to raise SGD$24,000 to fund the monthly food rations for the HIV/AIDs sick adults, children and the forgotten destitutes in Andra Pradesh. 

Praise God for everyone who helped get this project funded again for 2018/2019.

Special thanks to the invaluable support of friends & family of Han Ai Ling, Winifred Wee, Kristina Jee, Luana Wee, Ethan & Elijah See, Celeste & Chloe Chai, Timothy & Rebecca Goh, Amanda, Erica & Renae Lim, Hanna Tan, Jackie de Souza, Yap family, Wu family, Sean & Shannon Lim, Timothy Wong and our unnamed Angels!

We may never know what it is to live like the very poor but we are extremely privileged to be able to participate in the work that Jesus has left for us to complete.

It is without doubt that this X'mas will be brighter and more joyous for many. Thank you again everyone for the countless smiles that you have put on the faces of our brothers and sisters for 2018!

Stay Blessed Everyone,

Monday, November 06, 2017

Project Kyrie X'mas Project - Feeding the HIV/Aids poor and the Destitutes for the 2nd year in 2018

Dear frens,

Thank you for all who supported this project last year. We have made many who have little and sick, very happy by supplying & supporting them a whole year with monthly food rations.

We may not know these people nor will we likely meet them but together with Christ, we have managed to feed monthly in 2017:

80 HIV/Aids adults in Draksharam  with Rs306 food package
70 HIV/Aids children in Veeraghattam with Rs500 food package
10 HIV/Aids adults in Paikaraopeta with Rs300 food package
50 Destititues @ Rs 400 food package bimonthly

A total of 210 packets of food rations per month for sick and needy people in Andra Pradesh amounting to SGD$23,796. 

I am happy to update that the Canossian sisters have been diligently & lovingly been distributing these food rations for us and also taking photos and submitting the receipts every month. 

Those who have been following our Project Kyrie on Facebook can see the happy faces, proof of purchases and distribution on Project Kyrie India Facebook page.

The end of the year has come where we have to decide if we are able to recommit to buying these food items for the poor in 2018. 

Our brothers and sisters living in poverty, cannot do anything if we cannot provide the funds. They will be disappointed and be turned away.

Last sunday at mass, we sang the song 'Table of Plenty' and it goes like this...

'Come to the feast of heaven and earth!
Come to the table of plenty!
God will provide for all that we need,
here at the table of plenty.

O come and sit at my table
where saints and sinners are friends.
I wait to welcome the lost and lonely
to share the cup of my love.'

listen :

Jesus says Come come ALL to HIS table of plenty and he will provide for all that we need... he will share the cup of HIS love...

This song has always spoken to me because of the overwhelming love and generosity Jesus has for us all and how wonderful it would be if we can all be a little like HIM, to share, love and be generous to the poor who need us like we need HIM.

Through blessings of God, our table has always been one that is plentiful, shall we together partake in God's table of plenty?

Shall we continue to say 'Come Come' to the poor, the hungry and the sick to come get their food for yet another year?

Shall we open up our hearts and share with others, the cup of God's love through us?

If you can, please do join us to share some of our blessings with the poor who need us. I can be contacted at 96956267. Receipts and acknowledgements can be provided by the Canossians if needed.

With God's help and yours, let's make this happen and stand in solidarity with Christ and take care of the hungry for 2018!

God Bless Everyone and May you all have a wonderful and blessed 2018,


Friday, December 23, 2016

A big thank you for 2016

Dear Frens,

God has been truly wonderful for the year of 2016.

Together with like minded friends supporting Project Kyrie's initiatives to help the poor, we have accomplished much this year.

In the last quarter of 2016, Jesus have worked fast and furious.

For the poor children in Myanmar He has supplied through our wonderful friends one year supply of milo for 306 children. A cup every day!

4 kindergartens run by the Salesian sisters have also been blessed fully with educational toys and much needed school equipment and Jesus has taken care of the children down to their pens, face cloths, t-shirts and tooth brushes!

To close the year, we have also just confirmed another donation ( Special Thanks to Ai Ling & Friends) that will allow us in total to provide food rations for every month in 2017 for the very poor in India :

  • 160 HIV/AIDs Children and Adults
  • 50 Old and Aged Destitute ( who will receive food rations once every 2 months in 2017)

We thank all donors from the bottom of our hearts for sharing so generously with the poor. We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a wonderful year ahead that is filled with God's love for 2017. 

May God fill your homes and hearts with joy and May He bless you abundantly for your love shown to the poor.

All Glory to God \o/\o/\o/

God Bless,

Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Our gift of love to children of Myanmar this Christmas!

Update! 17/Nov/2016

We have achieved our target of SGD$6350 to buy milo for a year!

Thank you to all donors who responded to our appeal to provide 306 children from four kindergartens in Myanmar with one year supply of milo for 2017.

Together, we have made everyday of 2017, a better day for these children. It makes my heart smile to know that these children are not hungry and they have the strength to study and play at school because we shared our blessings.

We also completely achieved our target of SGD$6112 and more to buy all the needed educational toys and playground equipment.

I can't thank everyone enough for chipping in. It's a wonderful Christmas gift from us in Singapore to the kids and Salesian sisters in Myanmar.

Special thanks to Shidah, Susan Lee, Christina Tan, Susanna Kang, Yvonne Teo,Winnie Teo, Honey Ng, Pauline Goh, Jennifer Tan, Suzanne Khor, Charissa Lim, Alice Tan, Helena Lee and some of our anonymous angels.

Photo updates will be on Facebook!

God Bless,

Dear Frens,

Christmas is here again.

It's a season of plenty, a time of feasting and excesses for many of us.

It's also a time for thanksgiving as we take stock of the year and
thank God for all his blessings.

As we prepare for Christmas, in our season of plenty, let's also remember
those who are hungry and have little.

Christmas is about God's love for us and we mustn't forget to share this
love with others.

For this 
Christmas, let's band together to feed children who are hungry and provide these children with a proper education.

Our gift to the children from Myanmar this Christmas :

1. Furnish 4 Salesian 
in Myanmar with much
needed teaching aids and playground equipment for kids to learn and

The kids are from poor villages and parents may be farmers , drivers
or jobless due to poor health or fighting to cope after being
displaced due to various calamities.

 Items Needed:
1. Rubber foam mats - 300pcs - SGD $350
2. KG Kit - 10 box kits - SGD $699
3. Tower rings - SGD $210
4. Toys & plastic objects - SGD $210
5. Shapes and Colours - SGD $70
6. Learning about animals - SGD $53
7. Climb & Slide rPlay house - 4 units - SGD $2772
8.Learning about fruits - SGD $350
9. Iron Bars - 4 units - SGD $1398
Total - SGD $6112

2. Nutritional Support
- To support the children's education they also need good nutrition .

To supplement the children's meager diet at home and to sustain them
through school, Sisters have sought our help to provide Milo for the

The hours that they spend in school, the kids will have nothing to eat. Young children cannot spend hours without food. Kids too I believe can't study when they are hungry. 

A cup of Milo is all the kids hope to get at school. We would like to provide them
with this cup of Milo every day for a year.

2 months ago, our donors provided some milo and the kids were over the moon

Milo Costs for 4 Kindergartens :

1. Hlaing tha Yar - 31 children,
2. Pyin Oo Lwin - 25 children,
3. Chanthagon - 25 children and
4. Anisakan - 225 children.

Total 306 children

One week 25 kids consume about 3 packs. One pack is about 4000kyats.
For the whole year the total amount needed for the milo is 5,875,200
kyats . Total for a year SGD $6350 for 306 children to have a cup a day.

This is Project Kyrie's Christmas project. Whatever you can share with the kids will go a long way for their future and their health. 

We need to meet a timeline of 10th November, so we can pass our gift of love
to the Salesian Sister who will be passing through Singapore on the 14th of

As usual pls whatsapp me at 96956267 if you are interested to contribute so we can consolidate the funds to buy these items and give these children who have so little a wonderful Christmas!

Merry Christmas!
& God Bless!

Be a friend of Project Kyrie today! \o/\o/\o/

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